THANK YOU for inviting me to photograph all your beautiful and funny dogs.

Just a couple of things to note -

Prices do include simple edits like adding words to show signs or removing leashes, but do not include edits like removing the ring gates or swapping heads.

When ordering prints, look for the package options if you want more than one copy of something. Also, many of the award photos will do much better ordered as 8 x 12 instead of 8 x 10.

ORDERING Works much better from a real computer.

SPECIAL BULK PRICING - I also offer a package of up to 20 high resolution files for a flat rate. This is ordered directly from me, so email me a list of the files you want. The price is $225 if delivered by Dropbox (you download them) or $250 if I mail you a USB stick.

Please remember that right clicking or screen grabs are copyright infringements.

- Beth Adams

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