About Me - CandidCanine

I have spent my whole life around animals. From growing up on a dairy farm, through showing, raising and breeding horses and purebred poultry, I am comfortable with all the world's creatures that I have had the chance to meet. I live in the northern Catskills of New York - a truly beautiful region filled with many animals and the people who adore them.

Since my years of exhibiting, I have become deeply involved with dog rescue - specifically cairn terriers and english setters. Most of the dogs I foster are puppymill survivors, but don’t get me started on that topic! 

My household is comprised of Connor, a 16 yr old rescue jack russell (long legged, smooth), Kismet, a 13 yr old rescue jack russell (short legged, rough coat) and Nettle, a 7 yr old rescue cairn terrier. While the jacks are from shelters, Nettle is from the rescue I foster for, Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network. www.cairnrescue.com.

That’s where the camera came in. I spent hours trying to show the progress my fosters made as they blossomed into beloved family members, and those hours lead to this passion.

I truly love capturing the special expression, beauty or heartwarming moments from your family members, pets and livestock that you already cherish. I provide a very personal service to each client. It’s the years of experience and true love of all animals that allows me to set them at ease and get such natural shots. The relaxed atmosphere I try to put into my work gives us all the chance to see the perfect moments happen right before our eyes. 

Contact me at beth@candidcaninephoto.com or at (607) 287-2050 to book your shoot today!

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